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Window and door tightness test carried out on site

Although the CE marking for exterior windows and doors is mandatory since February 2010, this does not ensure proper assembly on site, así como un correcto ajuste de las distintas partes de la misma para garantizar la estanqueidad de la ventana y puertas una vez finalizada su instalación en la obra.

Within the work functions defined in the Building Planning Law, for control laboratories such as Elaborex S.L., that is enrolled in the Registry of Testing Laboratories for the Quality Control of Building and Public Works of Extremadura con números de registro EXT-L-014 in his laboratory in Badajoz, the EXT-L-036 in Cáceres, is to provide technical assistance to verify the quality of the project, la realización de ensayos o pruebas de servicio de los materiales, de los sistemas o de las instalaciones de una obra de edificación.

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La idea no lo es todo

The Royal Academy of the language defines the concept of "idea", in its fourth sense, as the plan and arrangement that is ordered in the imagination for the formation of a work, be it a novel, a theatrical performance, a civil or building work.

That idea could also be considered as the germ of something that can change everything known so far., but that it can remain halfway to the success that is presupposed without the adequate accompaniment in the form of correct execution.

A good idea led Filippo Brunellesci to pass a selection process with more than 200 competitors. And despite it, it was the achievement of that idea that turned its double dome into one of the wonders that adorn the sky of Florence, and for which this goldsmith is remembered.

Brunelleschi's dome
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