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Elaborex has the necessary means and accreditations as a control laboratory for the production of concretes manufactured in the central, according to the new Instruction published in the RD 163/2019

Last 1 July 2019 The Technical Instruction for the control of the production of concrete manufactured in Central came into force, document that is included in the Royal Decree 163/2019, included in the BOE of date 10 April 2019.

With the publication of this Technical Instruction, whose content can be downloaded at this link, and in view of the changes that this new document implies with respect to the repealed Order of the Ministry of Science and Technology of 21 November 2001, from Elaborex, Quality in Construction S.L., we are providing technical advice to the concrete plants with which we usually work, in order to facilitate its correct adaptation to the technical and organizational requirements imposed by the new Instruction.

In this sense, from the department of Edification, Pathology and Rehabilitation by Elaborex, in collaboration with the department of Laboratory We have made a guide that includes the requirements to be taken into account in the production control of concrete manufactured in the central, and which in turn includes Elaborex's scope of action as an accredited production control laboratory.

In this guide, that can be downloaded here, The requirements established in the technical instruction to be met by ready-mix concrete plants are listed., as well as the tests that Elaborex, Calidad en la Construcción, can perform as a contracted production control laboratory.

The technical instruction has established a series of requirements for concrete production plants within the following sections:

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