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Structural modeling contest 2021

Structural modeling contest 2021

Last 21 from December to 2021 occurred, in the facilities of the School of Industrial Engineering of Badajoz, belonging to the University of Extremadura, the structural modeling contest 2021, which could be presented structures designed by the students that, with less than 350 grams of weight, would have supported a load of at least 60 kp during the initial enrollment phase.

This contest counts, from its origins in 2001, with the support and sponsorship of Elaborex S.L., fruit of the close relationship that our company maintains with the university, with which he is currently collaborating on different projects.

Thus, Elaborex had the honor of delivering the first prize of the contest, gifted with 500 euros, to the strongest structure, called "Santa's ladder", whose authors were the students Marta García Morgado, Jairo Salcines Munoz and Victor Gonzalez Moreno, of the School of Industrial Engineering of Badajoz.

The winning structure, of 336 grams of weight, supported a total load of 198 kp, beating a total of 12 structural designs of the schools of Cáceres and Badajoz.

In the image included below you can see our technical director, Victoriano Henao Dávila, together with our colleagues from the engineering department, Pablo Valencia Abbot, and the Building Department, Pathology and Rehabilitation, Alfonso Carabias Antunez, in the company of the winning students of the "Goliath" award, y su diseño estructural “La escalera de Papa Noel”.

“La escalera de Papa Noel”, diseño ganador del Premio Goliat de la Universidad de Extremadura
Premio Goliat de la Universidad de Extremadura