Laboratory and control entity

Registration No.: EXT-L-014 / EXT-L-036 / EXT-E-003


Quality Control and Monitoring of Works

In the field of quality control and technical assistance in construction works, Elaborex makes all its experience available to its clients, qualification and technical knowledge.
quality control work monitoring
We are officially accredited (EXT-E-003) as a Building Quality Control Entity by the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, according to the Royal Decree 410/2010, enabling us to perform the following services:
    • Studies of the terrain and the state of conservation of the buildings
    • CTE compliance
    • EEE
    • Ev. sustainability

Basic project and execution review

Elaborex, as an entity registered in the General Register of Quality Control Entities of the Ministry of Development, audits basic and execution projects, reviewing all the necessary documentation such as the memory, calculations, the annexes to the report, the site plans, the architecture, the details, structure and facilities, technical specifications, unit prices, compound prices, the measures, budget, the specifications or any other documentation included in the project, checking all the aspects that can influence the quality of the projected building.

revision proyecto plano detalle

Technical assistance and quality control in execution

Elaborex's proven experience, both in private works and in contracts for the administration, represents an added value in the provision of services technical assistance and quality control in the execution of work units and construction processes, covering all phases of the project:

  • Geotechnical and terrain engineering.
  • Shallow and deep foundations.
  • Reinforced and precast concrete structures.
  • Metallic structure.
  • Enclosures and roofs.
  • Facilities.
  • Secondary work.
  • Accessibility.
  • Finishes.

The works are carried out by qualified and accredited personnel, taking into account the project guidelines at all times, quality assurance plans, current regulations and action protocols drawn up by Elaborex for each case.

Final tests on finished work units

As a complement to technical assistance and quality control work in the execution of works, Elaborex makes available to its clients the means and qualified personnel for the execution of final tests of work units executed, covering the following chapters:

  • Enclosures and roofs.
  • Protection barriers and guardrails.
  • Tightness and pressure tests of installations
  • Service tests of all types of facilities:
  • soles, tiled, plastered, revocations, false ceilings, etc.

Trust in the experience of Elaborex to carry out technical assistance and quality control work in the execution of your building work.

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