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The facilities department of Elaborex S.L. makes available to its clients a consolidated technical methodology that covers the control of facilities in the following stages of the project cycle:

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Facilities project review

In this section, an exhaustive analysis of the different project documents is carried out to verify compliance with the regulatory requirements that apply regarding the layout and sizing of the different elements that make up the facilities., as well as the degree of detail and suitability of the plans and measurements.

This phase of project review may also include the verification of aspects related to the verification of the requirements to ensure the degree of energy efficiency of the project., as well as other aspects such as the study of thermal bridges, or acoustics.

Work execution control

The assurance of quality of execution The facilities work is carried out by Elaborex S.L through the presence of accredited personnel from our facilities department., that in a programmed manner according to what is established in the control plan agreed with the client, it checks the correspondence of what is carried out on site with what is established in the execution project and current regulations.

The control of the execution of the facilities of Elaborex S.L. covers all facilities contemplated in building projects, urbanizations, public works and photovoltaic plants.

Duct tightness and pressure tests

As a complement to the on-site execution control of the facilities, Elaborex S.L. performs the supervision of the partial tests of pressure or tightness of the different water pipes.

For this type of tests, we have the collaboration of the installers themselves., guiding with them the different phases of the test, according to what is established in the different protocols established in the current regulations, performing pressure measurements with calibrated instruments, and establishing the records of acceptance or rejection of the different tests.

Final service tests

This phase, to be carried out once the execution of the different installations is completed, includes the execution of a series of on-site control tests of the operation of the facilities, according to the test protocols established in the technical methodology of Elaborex S.L., project requirements and current regulations.

These service tests of the facilities will be carried out with the collaboration of the different installers, in accordance with the indications of the technicians of Elaborex S.L., They will have the necessary measuring devices for these checks.

These works are carried out based on operating procedures included in a work methodology consolidated by the experience of our technicians., adequate technical means and timely monitoring of current regulations.

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