Laboratory and control entity

Registration No.: EXT-L-014 / EXT-L-036 / EXT-E-003



Elaborex has a fully equipped laboratory, based in Badajoz, for the realization of analysis and testing, both material reception control, as for the production control of the same (internal self-control or external contrast), being also equipped for the execution of final service tests in completed work units.

Materials Control Test

What's more, has a support laboratory in Casar de Cáceres, accredited to carry out the most common tests.

The responsible declaration and the tests for which each of our laboratories is accredited can be downloaded here for the Badajoz laboratory Y here for the Casar de Cáceres laboratory.

Elaborex, Quality in Construction S.L. is enrolled in the General Registry of Quality Control Laboratories of the CTE (Technical building Code) with reference code EXT-L-014 (Badajoz) and the reference code EXT-L-036 (Cáceres).

Accredited areas

Geotechnical tests (GT)
Vial tests (VS)
Service tests in buildings and facilities (PS)

Testing of concrete structures (EH)
Ensayos de estructuras de acero (SHE)
Testing of masonry works (EFA)

It should be noted that, in addition to the most common tests such as soil tests, concrete and bituminous mixtures, Elaborex performs other more unusual tests, specializing in recent years according to the needs of our customers, of which stand out:

  • Geotechnical studies for the construction of photovoltaic plants.
  • Pull-out test on piles of photovoltaic plant structures.
  • Roof tightness tests, both flat and inclined.
  • Watertightness tests of high-density polyethylene geomembrane or sheet welds (PAD).
  • Tightness tests of the water supply and evacuation network (sanitation).
  • Road and highway marking tests (Retroreflection coefficient, paint thickness, microspheres, among others)
  • Facility Service Testing (electricity, plumbing, sanitation, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, fire protection system, telecommunications, etc.)

«Material control tests»

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