Laboratory and control entity

Registration No.: EXT-L-014 / EXT-L-036 / EXT-E-003


Geotechnical – Geotechnical Studies

Elaborex has extensive experience in this matter. We do all kinds of geological-geotechnical studies in different areas (edification, civil work…), having participated in projects of great singularity, how is the development of the geotechnical study of two of the three largest photovoltaic plants in Europe.

We are a team made up of geological engineers and geologists who have been involved in projects both in Spain and in Portugal.

To carry out field work, we have a dynamic penetration machine and we have borehole drilling equipment and static penetrometers.

Regarding geophysical studies, we can carry out vertical electrical soundings and thermal resistivity tests both in situ and in the laboratory, tailoring its design specifically to needs to optimize its suitability.

Throughout this time we have developed experience in geotechnically unfavorable terrain, how are expansive soils, collapsible, karst terrain, liquefiable ...

Field and cabinet work

Organization, supervision and execution of geotechnical studies campaigns

Advice and monitoring of works, both in the drafting of the project and during the execution

Instrumentation and geotechnical monitoring

geotechnical studies elaborex
geotechnical studies elaborex
geotechnics elaborex geotechnical studies
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