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Within the wide catalog of laboratory tests that Elaborex, Quality in Construction S.L., makes available to its clients for the control of materials in civil and building works, the slip test on pavements is found.

This test is used to determine the degree of slipperiness of a pavement in the areas defined in the Article 1.1 del CTE DB SUA, these areas being those corresponding to buildings for public residential use, sanitary, teacher, administrative and public concurrence, excluding zero occupancy zones defined in the Annex YES A of the DB YES.

The test can be performed both on samples collected on site and tested in the laboratory, this being the case that we illustrate in the photos included in this article, as in service floors, running according to the wet procedure described in the standard A 41901:2017 EX, referenced as a test standard in the basic document of safety of use.

Slippage tests on pavements

Photo 1. Friction pendulum used for the test.

For the execution of this test a device called friction pendulum is used, that has an arm that makes a circular path of 180 º and that has a small rubber shoe at its end that slides over the flooring on its way. Once the device has been placed and leveled on the floor, the pendulum arm is released from the end and dropped, stopping once the arm has registered the PTV slip index reading at the opposite end of the pendulum. The test methodology presents slight variations depending on whether the test is carried out in a laboratory or on a floor in service..

Slippage tests on pavements

Photo 2. Adjustments prior to laboratory testing. Working: Paulino Rodríguez Cebrino.

The results obtained are expressed in slip resistance values (PTV), according to what is established in the table 1.1 del CTE DB SUA-1.

Table 1.1 del CTE DB SUA

The slip resistance values ​​that the different installed flooring must meet are included in the table 1.2 del CTE DB SUA-1

Table 1.2 del CTE DB SUA.

The Elaborex technical department, Quality in Construction S.L., is at the disposal of its clients for any additional questions about this or any other material control test included in our responsible statement.

-Ensayos de resbaladicidad en pavimentos-.


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