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The Technical Building Code prescribes, in your basic document YOUR, the characteristics of resistance and rigidity that the guardrails and / or protective barriers arranged in the buildings must satisfy, quantifying these resistance values ​​in the table 3.3 of the basic document SE-AE

basic document resistance SE-AE table 3.3.
Table 3.3. of the CTE OF SE-AE

Therefore, the assignment of the lateral resistance value of the railings in the project is mandatory., the next step, already in work, It must be to confirm the prescribed value once the execution of the guardrail or protection barrier.

Within the tasks defined in the Building Planning Law, for control laboratories such as Elaborex S.L., that is enrolled in the Registry of Testing Laboratories for the Quality Control of Building and Public Works of Extremadura with registration numbers EXT-L-014 in his laboratory in Badajoz, the EXT-L-036 in his laboratory in Casar de Cáceres (Cáceres), is to provide technical assistance to verify the quality of the project, by conducting tests or service tests on materials, systems or facilities of a building work.

In the specific case at hand, Elaborex S.L. makes available to its clients the possibility of carrying out the railing lateral resistance test (lateral outward thrust test).

This essay, accredited in the Service Testing area of ​​our Responsible Declaration, It is used to verify the lateral resistance of the handrail by loading it on its upper handrail.

Essay, carried out based on the internal technical procedure elaborated by the Building department, Pathology and Rehabilitation together with the technicians of the Laboratory department, It is based on the prescriptions indicated in both the basic documents SUA and SE-AE of the Technical Building Code, as in the UNE standard 85238:1991 (Railings. Test methods), edited by Aenor.

The principle of the test is to subject the railing, at the top rail level, to a horizontal static force outwards, equivalent to the lateral resistance prescribed in the project.

handrail displacement test slipperiness elaborex
Railing lateral resistance test. Instruments needed for the test.

Once both the equipment and the displacement reader have been placed, the load is applied on the railing smoothly and progressively, until reaching the set overload. Once that value is reached, stays for 3 minutes and note the deformations achieved.

handrail displacement test slipperiness elaborex
Railing lateral resistance test. Front view of the trial.

After that time interval, download is done, also progressively, taking a reading of the residual deformations, in the event that they exist.

handrail displacement test slipperiness elaborex
Railing lateral resistance test. View of our laboratory Paulino González conducting the test.

Residual deformation must not exceed the values ​​established in the UNE standard. 85238:1991, not having to present the railing, during rehearsal, no disorder under load of use likely to affect its stability or resistance during use.

Consult with our Building department, Pathology and Rehabilitation any questions you have about the execution of the railings, and do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for the lateral resistance test of handrails in your work.




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