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The Royal Academy of the language defines the concept of "idea", in its fourth sense, as the plan and arrangement that is ordered in the imagination for the formation of a work, be it a novel, a theatrical performance, a civil or building work.

That idea could also be considered as the germ of something that can change everything known so far., but that it can remain halfway to the success that is presupposed without the adequate accompaniment in the form of correct execution.

A good idea led Filippo Brunellesci to pass a selection process with more than 200 competitors. And despite it, it was the achievement of that idea that turned its double dome into one of the wonders that adorn the sky of Florence, and for which this goldsmith is remembered.

Brunelleschi's dome

El Golden Gate, or as they called him in his time, "The steel harp", it would have remained in an ambitious project had it not been for a meticulous execution that would turn said project into one of the greatest engineering works of its time.

The Bailong Elevator (China), the highest in the world, with an ascent of 326 meters; the White Pass Railroad & Yukon (Canada), considered one of the 36 marvels of civil engineering; the Eiffel Tower or the Eurotunnel itself are architectural and engineering landmarks that corroborate the importance of, once the elaboration of a project has been carried out, its complement through proper and conscientious execution.


At ELABOREX, CALIDAD EN LA CONSTRUCCION S.L We are very aware of the synergies that must be generated in the entire process of execution of any engineering and building work, and that is why we dedicate all our means and efforts to constant improvement in our entire scope of action.

Any idea or project must be born on the best of support; And because of that, from our origins, in 2006, ELABOREX has applied itself to be a benchmark in geotechnical engineering, joining forces to have the most advanced technical means and materials for the execution of geotechnical studies and terrain analysis.

And like any project, it must not only remain on a good foundation., ELABOREX has been adapting to the needs of an increasingly modern and demanding market, and the continuous updating of regulations, including within its wide catalog of services, among which were already included those of material control, execution control and technical assistance, project reviews, facilities control, final and service tests and pathologies; new services adapted to the latest market trends, Like the ones of Project Management, control of photovoltaic plants through Pull Out Test, Consulting Engineering, energy efficiency and environment, among others.

geotecnia elaborex

Fruit of this restlessness, and in our desire for constant improvement and to share all our knowledge with our clients, surge the new Elaborex website.

We have renewed our website with the intention of having a wide and dynamic portal where our clients can learn in detail all the areas of action in which Elaborex operates. For this reason we have made an extensive description of all the jobs what we offer, accreditation areas, material resources, etc.

As part of our job is to keep up to date with the changes and updates from legislation and from sector, we have included on our website a section of company and sector news, that we will renew periodically so that it can be a means of quick consultation for our clients.

In this renewed website you will also be able to access the files of our most relevant works and projects, you can download our quality accreditations, and they can request an offer or consult us on any subject in the contact section.

Besides this, in the section of blog, and as a complement to our interest in joining the so-called architecture 2.0, that we have already started with our incorporation into the most influential social networks on the web (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram o Twitter), we will share with our clients both current issues corresponding to our day to day, such as those articles that may be of interest in the field of engineering and construction.

With the premiere of this renewed website and the Elaborex blog, we want to give a new approach to the way of interacting with our clients, adapting to the new trends in which the sector moves, and improving our services day by day. All this without losing the essence of what Elaborex has always been, a company close to all its customers, interesada por sus ideas y especializada en su control de la ejecución.

Written by:
Alfonso Carabias Antunez.
Technical Architect - Building Engineer
Dept. Edification, Pathology and Rehabilitation.

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