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Registration No.: EXT-L-014 / EXT-L-036 / EXT-E-003


All the works carried out by Elaborex, Calidad en la Construcción, S.L. both in your laboratory area and in that of the control entity, are regulated by the standards included in our integrated management system, that guarantees quality in the entire scope of the company, as well as respect for the environment.
This integrated quality management system is based on both the quality management systems standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, as in the Environmental Management UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, also integrating into said system the UNE EN ISO / IEC standards 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing laboratories" and UNE EN ISO / IEC 17020:2012. "Conformity assessment. Requirements for different types of organisms that carry out inspection ".

Management Policy (Quality and environment)

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Management Policy (Quality and environment)

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ELABOREX, QUALITY IN CONSTRUCTION, S.L., located in POLÍGONO INDUSTRIAL “EL NEVERO” C / QUINCE Nº 44, 06006 BADAJOZ, as well as in the INDUSTRIAL POLÍGONO "CHARCA EL HAMBRE" CTRA. N-630 KM 543 PORTION 13-3, 10190 CASAR DE CÁCERES, is created in the year 2006 and its general purpose is the quality of the construction.

The work is specifically based on:

Exam, analysis and research through trials, tests and controls, both physical and chemical and mechanical, of materials, equipment and construction elements, including the taking and manufacture of samples and test tubes, as well as the issuance of reports, opinions and expert opinions on the results.

ELABOREX's strategy in the medium term, consists of growing year after year always within the sector, with the current lines of services and those others that could be interesting in the future, offering a service that is supported and inspired by the most demanding quality standards at all times and that make ELABOREX the undisputed leader in its activity.

A) Yes, know the physical context, social, Human and legal where ELABOREX interacts is key when it comes to addressing the set of actions that allow effective management of everything concerning quality and the environment.

All this counting on the action of all those who intervene in the provision of the service directly and indirectly, among which are the management and partners of the company (more than 30 years of experience in the sector), its workers (with a fairly high permanent staff and a low average age), the clients (who are faithful and show their trust in us and our work), vendors (which there are from almost the beginning of the activity) and all those organizations that in one way or another are included in the Management System as interested parties.

ELABOREX integrates Quality and environmental sustainability into the company culture, so that it becomes a factor, not only differential, but reasoned in the ethical corporate responsibility of good management and environmental sustainability, therefore it is certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since the year 2009 (more of 10 uninterrupted years), having as its main commitment its strict compliance, applicable to activities and services in all areas (European, national, regional and local) as well as other additional requirements to which the organization voluntarily submits.

For ELABOREX, customers and their satisfaction is the main premise. We want our service to meet the needs and expectations demanded today and in the future.

In ELABOREX we seek rigor and accuracy in the results, as a product of our company with the highest level of technical demand.

To ELABOREX the technical competence of your staff, motivation and training are values ​​necessary for good internal management, For this reason, it will promote teamwork and the participation of its staff.nal in the management of quality and the environment as a fundamental value in its workforce.

ELABOREX, considers its staff as the main asset of the company, Therefore, it is committed to maintaining an advanced technical level through continuous training and investments in state-of-the-art technology and equipment..

ELABOREX commits to meeting continual improvement requirements, analyzing and striving to have the best practices, increasing the effectiveness of the management system and environmental performance. To do this, it starts from the premise that any process can be optimized., involving the entire organization in this objective, aware that in the future it is the best guarantee of survival of the company.

ELABOREX is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution, as well as other natural resources that may be affected by the operations carried out. To this end, establishes the need for monitoring to reduce impacts on the environment, aspect that extends not only to your facilities, but to any location where its Staff carry out an activity.

Sobre la base de esta Política y anualmente, la Dirección aprueba los objetivos y metas para la organización, de manera que se establezcan las líneas de mejora de la organización para ese período.

Todas las personas que trabajamos en ELABOREX debemos actuar según estas premisas, que harán que nuestra compañía sea reconocida por su carácter sostenible y por la alta calidad de los servicios que suministra.

El proceso de producción y actividades desarrolladas por Elaborex no poseen una especial relevancia en el impacto ambiental más allá de las normales actividades de cualquier actividad económica.

En especial, el excelente ánimo de todo el personal, incluido el directivo, muestra un trabajo realizado desde hace 13 años, en la concienciación y evolución del trabajo teniendo en cuenta el aspecto ambiental y el posible impacto que las actividades generan.

La Dirección de ELABOREX

iso 9001:2015 elaborex calidad en la contruccion certificado
certificado gestion ambiental
iso 9001:2015 elaborex calidad en la contruccion certificado
certificado gestion ambiental


Atendiendo a la Norma Internacional ISO 14001:2015 y dentro del ámbito de aplicación del sistema de gestión integral, ELABOREX, S.L., decide publicar en su página web a disposición de todas las partes interesadas, información sobre los aspectos ambientales que se han identificado y evaluado en el desarrollo de su actividad durante el ejercicio 2019. De la misma forma, se comunicarán aquellos que sean valorados significativos en el futuro como consecuencias de cambios sustanciales en su actividad o de nuevas actividades o servicios que se puedan desarrollar.

Según la Norma Internacional ISO 14001:2015, se entiende como aspecto ambiental: “Elemento de las actividades, productos o servicios de una organización que puede interactuar con el medio ambiente”.

politica gestion calidad medio ambiente valoración aspecto ambiental

«Política de Gestión (Calidad y Medio Ambiente)»

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