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Registration No.: EXT-L-014 / EXT-L-036 / EXT-E-003



Elaborex, Quality in Construction S.L. is a private company, Independent, located in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, founded in 2.006 to offer specialized technical assistance in the construction sector.

Aunque Elaborex was born with a clear focus on geotechnical recognition and quality control in civil works and buildings, media incorporation, vc_single_image image=»72939 extensive experience of our staff y la propia demanda de los clientes, has allowed us to increase our product portfolio, addressing broader activities in the field of technical assistance to construction.

Desde Elaborex, Quality in Construction S.L. we provide services like materials control testing laboratory and Quality Control Entity of Construction in Building and Public Works, in projects and construction works, both building and civil works, covering the entire construction process. Our activities are carried out during the design, management, construction, reception and useful life of the works.

What's more, we're officially enabled para el desarrollo de nuestra actividad mediante la inscripción en los regional records de entidades y laboratorios de control de calidad, desarrollando nuestra labor con un carácter innovative and avant-garde, through technical procedures and specific instructions within our quality system.

Dispose of testing laboratories al servicio de la high experience of our professionals nos permite proporcionar siempre el mejor servicio.

Nuestra filosofía se basa en superar permanentemente la quality of our services aunando el trato especializado y personalizado con la aplicación de las más modernas técnicas de la información y comunicaciones con objeto de ofrecer soluciones a su medida.

ELABOREX S.L cuenta con From laboratories completamente equipados en Badajoz and Casar de Cáceres (Cáceres); having more than 550 m2 dedicados por completo a la actividad, including dependencies for:

Sample reception and warehouses
Humid chambers
Mechanical presses
Rehearsal rooms

What's more, Our facilities are fully equipped with the test equipment required by the accreditations granted by the Government of Extremadura.

Identification tests
Chemical tests
Soil mechanics tests

ELABOREX S.L está inscrita en los Registros de Laboratorios de Ensayos con los números de registro EXT-L-014 (Badajoz) Y EXT-L-036 (Casar de Cáceres) y Entidades de Control de Calidad de la Construcción para la Edificación y Obra Pública (número de registro EXT-E-003) of the Ministry of Public Works, living place, Regional Planning and Tourism of the Junta de Extremadura.

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